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Thanks for your interest in buying wholesale from Zingerman’s Bakehouse!

How does our wholesale work?

Zingerman’s Bakehouse delivers fresh baked loaves of bread, pastries, and cakes in many parts of Southeastern Michigan, 7 days a week. For our delivery wholesale customers, the minimum order requirement is $160.00 per order with at least five orders per week (in other words, $800/week minimum). Since most of our baked goods have a one-day shelf life, we bake them to order and deliver them fresh daily!

How to become a wholesale customer

Please call our Bakehouse Service Office and tell us that you’d like information about becoming a wholesale customer. We are available 7 days a week, 7 AM – 5 PM at 734-761-7255.

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All Products

Here it is! The Zingerman’s Bakehouse encyclopedia of all that we do! (Okay probably 98.7% of what we do.) You’ll find all the products we offer year-round, and a bit of info on how we bring those delicious treats to life—things like traditional recipes, local ingredients, and an avid attention to detail. Have fun reading and then join us for a taste.

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