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Organic Hard Red Spring Whole Wheat Flour

Hard red spring wheat is a modern wheat variety that is not only prized for its bread-making qualities, with a strong gluten potential and good flavor, but is also perfectly suited to making pastries, adding a textural quality that we love. The organic hard red spring wheat berries we stone mill are grown regionally and come from our friends at Janie’s Mill and Farm Organics in Danforth and Ashkum, Illinois. It’s the flour of choice in many of the naturally leavened, whole grain breads we make, from our foundation breads to our sourdough starters. The freshly milled whole grain flour is also featured in such sweet treats as our Pecan Blondies and Funky Chunky Chocolate cookies.

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Freshly Milled Whole Grain
Organic Grains
Nut Free

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Organic Hard Red Spring Whole Wheat Flour

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