orange & date scone

orange & date scone
We loved our mother scones so much that we decided to make an even more complex new version with orange zest and dates. The freshly milled, organic whole grain einkorn flour is a beautiful deep golden color and tastes slightly nutty, earthy and hints at sweetness. Einkorn is an ancient grain and the original wheat. The berries that we mill are coming from a Centennial Farm (must be least 100 years old to get this title) in Caro, Michigan (in the thumb), which is being run by 4th and 6th generation family members. This scone is full of both flavor and history.
The orange zest adds a bright and fruity contrast to the earthiness of the grain. The date pieces add rich, unctuous treats to the experience. The scones are completely satisfying on their own and a little sweet cream butter never hurts!

FMWG (Freshly Milled Whole Grain)
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