french baguette

french baguette
A true taste of Paris right here at home, with an intriguing origin backstory. In 1920, a law went into effect forbidding Parisian bakers from starting work before 4 am, so they began baking the long, thin loaves that are synonymous with French baking today since they took less time to make than naturally leavened rustic breads.

Most commercial bread labeled “baguette” in stores bears no resemblance to the traditional French bread because they are soft and bland, but we're proud to say that ours are authentically crispy. We start with a flavorful poolish (bakers call it a pre-ferment, it’s like a starter), made with organic wheat flour, water and yeast. Then the baguettes are baked directly on a stone hearth until just the right shade of golden brown. Tear one open and the thin crunchy crust will shatter and the airy open crumb inside will give off that sweet aroma of fresh baked bread.

Our baguettes are best enjoyed the day they’re baked, so make it part of your routine to pick one up on the way home for dinner. They’re also a tasty vehicle for fresh handmade cheeses from our neighbor Zingerman’s Creamery. Impressive appetizers requiring very little work makes your life easier and more delicious. “Gagner, gagner”. That’s French for win, win.
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