butter croissants

butter croissants
Our croissants are the real thing! Classic Parisian pastry made with multiple layers of butter laden dough. Cut open a croissant and you should immediately see a lacy network of caverns and crevices, never a dense interior. Stick your nose inside and you'll immediately smell the difference between a croissant properly made with butter and one that's been marginalized with shortening. Take a taste and you'll experience the rich, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth flavor that have made croissants a favorite of café goers in Paris for so many centuries.

This month try our Juliette's Almond Croissants! They're filled and coated with with our own almond frangipane, then dusted with powdered sugar. A decadent way to start the day or sweeten up your afternoon! We also have pain au chocolate with a double dose of Michel Cluizel dark chocolate batons inside or parmesan and prosciutto croissants for variety.
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