mi chestnut baguette

mi chestnut baguette
We were so inspired by Rodger Bowser's work to promote Michigan chestnuts and the abundance of chestnuts in Hungarian foods, we created a chestnut bread. After months of testing with rave reviews, from a recipe developed at BAKE!, we knew we had created something special. Great flour is one of the building blocks for great bread and here the flours are the stars. We're using chestnut flour from Treeborn in Jackson, MI and wheat flour grown and milled at Grand Traverse Culinary Flours in Traverse City, MI.

This naturally leavened baguette has a rich tan and purple colored crumb and a crust so gorgeous you'll want to photograph it. The flavor is full and you'll want to get busy looking for pairings of cheeses, meats, spreads and wines. Have fun and enjoy!

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