marvelous mandelbread

marvelous mandelbread
Long before everybody in America was selling biscotti out of big glass jars, Jewish bakeries were selling Mandelbread (or as they say, in Yiddish, "Mandelbrot")--biscotti's Eastern European cousin. "Mandel" means almonds in Yiddish, and these are loaded, not laced, but literally loaded with toasted almonds. Made with sweet butter, fresh eggs, lots of fresh orange and lemon zest, and scented with real vanilla. Just the aroma alone is enough to get us excited about the arrival of these traditional Jewish biscuits from the Bakehouse. You can smell the citrus as soon as you break one open. No short cuts taken here. These are mandelbread made the old fashioned way: long loaves are baked once, then sliced and re-baked cut side down, then flipped over and re-baked again. This thrice-baked technique combined with the great ingredients leaves them literally at least three times as flavorful as any mandelbread we've ever had. They're marvelous.
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