Krémes (pronounced “krem-esh”) is a beloved Hungarian pastry sold in practically every cukrászda (pastry shop) in Budapest. Hungarians crave it with amazing regularity, often making a special trip to their local shop to pick up some, similar in fashion to our patronage of ice cream shops here in the U.S. The pastry’s immense popularity in Hungary dates back to the late 19th-century golden age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Our krémes features delectable vanilla bean pastry cream, lightened with soft meringue (egg whites whipped to soft peaks with sugar), set between three layers of flaky, golden brown, buttery puff pastry dusted with powdered sugar. When you eat it, the creamy, smooth vanilla filling lusciously oozes out between the pastry layers.

Here’s what Hungarian food writer András Szántó has said about the popular pastry: “To know a Hungarian is to know someone who takes dessert very seriously. . . Nothing embodies this more fully than the krémes: a quivering quadrangle of vanilla crème, sandwiched between layers of crisp mille-feuille and finished with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. The krémes is dessert stripped to the essentials. It’s usually consumed on its own, not after a meal. Best to order before noon, when cream and crust are both fresh, their contrasting textures clearly discernible.”

To get the full krémes experience you’ll either have to go to Budapest or come to the Bakehouse. We’re making it fresh, in small batches, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in February, Hungarian month at the Bakehouse.Stop by our Bakeshop and pick up a slice!

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