esterházy torta

esterházy torta
Esterházy Torta - A Prince of a Cake
Hungarian Walnut Cream Cake

A coffeehouse dessert made famous during the late 19th-century heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this regal torta was named after the Hungarian nobleman and diplomat, Paul III Anton, Prince Esterházy (1786-1866), member of the very rich and powerful Esterházy family. (The name of the Budapest baker has been forgotten.) During his life, the prince was reputed to be the richest man, not seated on a royal throne, in all of Europe, his family’s wealth derived from extensive land holdings and palatial estates mostly in Hungary.

Our version of this classic Hungarian torta is pure elegance—beautiful, delicate and delicious. It’s made up of thin, soft layers of toasted walnut cake, filled with a luscious vanilla and toasted walnut pastry cream, and topped with a glaze in a distinctive design resembling the traditional French Napoleon pastry.

The Esterhazy could end up being your hallmark dessert, the perfect finish to an inspired meal. We’ve served it cut into small, dainty squares, reminiscent of traditional petits fours, alongside a platter of handmade chocolates.
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