sicilian sesame semolina bread

sicilian sesame semolina bread
Meet the bread you didn’t even know you needed in your life. It’s claim to flavor fame is something to see, and taste of course. The entire loaf is rolled in unhulled sesame seeds before baking. The natural oil in all those seeds that cover the dough gets slowly roasted in the oven, contributing an intense flavor and aroma, not to mention a lovely little crunch. And that’s just the crust! Inside there’s a firm, rich and almost cake-like crumb made with golden semolina flour yielding a beautiful yellow interior. The same flour is often used to make pasta.

Our Sicilian Sesame Semolina bread begs to be toasted, griddled or broiled to turn the flavor dial up even higher. It loves to be paired with garlic butter, pesto, olive tapenade or a sprinkle of good parmesan. It’s one of the featured breads on the toast menu at our neighbor Zingerman’s Coffee Company, served with cream cheese and lutenitsa, a Bulgarian tomato and eggplant spread. Trust us fellow bread lover, you want to give Sicilian Sesame Semolina a whirl.
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