true north bread

true north bread
This naturally-leavened loaf is pure Michigan. We make it with a mix of wheat flour and high-extraction wheat flour, the latter of which comes from Grand Traverse Culinary Flours in Traverse City, MI. They buy hard red, spring wheat from Leelanau farmers and then grind it on their own stone mill. The stone-ground milling process leaves 80% of the wheat kernel—the bran, endosperm, and germ in the flour for great flavor, texture, and nutrition.

The result is simply a darn good loaf of bread, that manages to add more whole grain to your diet and helps you support Michigan agriculture. The tasty possibilities for enjoying your True North wheat bread are endless. Make it a Michigan morning with a slice of True North and Michigan cherry preserves. Or upgrade the flavor of your avocado toast with a little local flare. Sounds like you have some bread experimenting to do!

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