better than san francisco sourdough bread

better than san francisco sourdough bread
This naturally leavened loaf is made with only organic wheat flour, water, sea salt and the sourdough starter we’ve been caring for since 1992. Time is a critical, albeit unofficial, ingredient in this bread allowing for flavor development during fermentation. From the time we feed our starter to when a caramel colored loaf emerges from the stone hearth oven,18 hours will have elapsed.

This all American bread has a beautifully thin, blistered crust with an almost papery quality and a moist and remarkably tender crumb. This soft, almost melt in your mouth interior is the result of the high percentage of starter in the recipe which is greater than most naturally leavened breads.

We love the pleasant tang and chewy texture of our sourdough so much, we made it the star of grilled cheese Wednesdays at the Bakehouse. It’s ready for anything, though. Grab a loaf and instantly upgrade tonight's dinner. Nothing left for you to do but savor the flavor.

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