banana breads

banana breads
Good ol' Banana Bread
No nuts in this good ol' banana bread, just great ingredients like sweet butter, fresh eggs, muscovado brown sugar, real vanilla, and of course, bunches of fresh, organic bananas! It's wonderfully nostalgic, flavorful, and moist; and now even better since we changed up our recipe by adopting a “less is more” approach. We’re now incorporating the organic bananas whole, peels and all, which means less processing that in turn creates more flavor, more texture, more color, and more nutrition. The other "less" in this "less is more" approach is waste, in that we’re reducing it by using more of the whole food.

We’ve also added to the banana bread mix freshly milled whole grains. We take regional organic, soft white wheat berries, from our friends at Janie's Mill and Farm Organics in Ashkum, Illinois, and mill them ourselves on one of our 2 in-house stone mills. Using whole bananas and 60% freshly milled whole-grain flour ups the flavor, texture, and nutritional ante to great heights of deliciousness!

Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread
Try our Good 'ol Banana Bread studded with big chunks of flavorful dark Belgian chocolate if you’re feeling more indulgent and in need of a chocolate fix.

Salted Pecan Praline Banana Bread (ON VACATION)
Our Good 'ol Banana Bread topped with some southern charm. We make it even more rich and tasty by covering the top with a thick layer of our house-made pecan praline and sprinkle of sea salt. It will be your new go-to for Sunday brunch, afternoon tea or a no-brainer gift.
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