Our Vollkornbrot is a showcase for the true flavors of the rye grain. It features organic rye grown by Hampshire Farms in Kingston, MI, which we freshly mill on our new stone-mill into an aromatic whole grain rye flour.

We ferment a starter for at least 12 hours before combining it with rye chops, sunflower seeds, and more whole grain rye flour for a natural fermentation process that coaxes every bit of flavor out of this under-appreciated grain. We bake these naturally leavened loaves in a 'falling' oven for over an hour and then wait 24 hours or so to cut into one, because these 100% rye breads continue to 'cure' long after the actual baking is complete. The wait is well worth it. The flavors are fruity, earthy, maybe a bit spicy and sweet, almost wine-like, rounded out by a pleasant sour.

All this comes in a moist bite, accentuated with the added texture from the rye chops and the nutty sunflower seeds. Simply enjoy with a thin or a thick coat of butter!

We suggest storing it differently than anything else we make. Wrap it in plastic and refrigerate it. It certainly is good for a week and possibly longer. Ours hasn’t lasted that long yet!

FMWG (Freshly Milled Whole Grain)
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