rustic italian bread

rustic italian bread
This bread is delightfully uncomplicated, kind of dreamy really. It’s a classic Italian white bread with a mild crumb and a thin crust. What makes ours better than the Italian bread commonly found in every store and bakery? We use nothing but organic wheat flour, water, sea salt, just a little yeast but a lot of time. There’s no sugar, oil, or preservatives added.

Then we patiently wait until the yeast has done its job (about 11 hours) for maximum flavor and bake it to the perfect golden brown. The flavor is almost creamy and naturally just a touch sweet. We find it continues to be one of our most popular breads because of its broad appeal to everyone at the table and versatility in the kitchen. From paninis to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this loaf does it all. And it is our duty to tell you, a warm slice of rustic Italian bread with soft sweet cream butter is simply sublime. This isn't just plan old white bread, it's powerful stuff.

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