pain de montagne

pain de montagne
Say (mon-tan-ya). Dense, intense rustic bread of the hard to reach mountain regions of France and Switzerland.

Vying with Farm bread for top spot on Frank's list of favorite breads is the Pain de Montagne. We offer it in two sizes, a .75 kilo loaf (about 1.65 lbs.) that's good for slicing and munching and a 2 kilo (about 4.4 lbs) work of art. I love the 2K loaf. A good foot-and-a half across, and four or five inches high, each loaf is decorated with a hand-cut Z. It has a chestnut colored crust, nearly a quarter-inch thick. The size is significant because bigger loaves almost always taste better. Baked to last-you'll still be enjoying 2K Montagne bread ten days after the loaf left our oven. Totally terrific for toasting, lightly buttered.

Attention French food fanatics:
Pain de Montagne is the closest thing we've ever tasted to the much-loved loaves of Paris' beloved baker, Lionel Poilane.
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