farm bread

farm bread
Imagine sitting around a French farmhouse table waiting for dinner to be served—this would be the bread they'd bring out. It has a thick dark brown crust and a soft, but substantial interior. The flavor profile is of aromatic toasted wheat with a touch of sour and a bit of sweetness from the caramelized crust. To make it, we start with the star of all our naturally leavened breads: the sourdough starter. Then we add organic wheat flour, a pinch of whole wheat flour, water, and sea salt. Perhaps the most important ingredient though is time: it can be up to 17 hours from the time we mix the starter to the time we bake. We bake this one darker than some other loaves to get the desired flavor. Farm bread is Bakehouse co-founder Frank Carollo’s favorite bread. And that’s really saying something considering its competition. Farm bread is a bread of all trades. Your everyday toast, sandwich, or a simple slice with some good butter, are all made even infinitely better with Farm bread.

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