challah bread

challah bread
A loaf rooted in tradition and laden with symbolism, challah dates back to the 15th century. The most common shape is the braid, its strands representing arms intertwined in love. There are many other shapes that have a significance for marking certain occasions. A challah was the special treat of the week for European Jews in the 19th and early 20th century living in poverty. They eagerly awaited their luxurious Sabbath challah after eating hearty rye bread all week long. During the Jewish High holidays we make Challah Turbans, the shape representing the continuity of life, studded with rum soaked raisins and a five stranded Moroccan Challah flavored with anise.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse mahogany-colored challahs are made with organic wheat flour, fresh cage-free eggs, local Michigan honey from Gearig Apiaries, yeast and a little corn oil. The flavor is rich, but not too sweet. The texture is soft, but stands up to sandwiches, French toast and bread pudding. Available in braids or pan loaves we call “squares”.

Large celebration challah braids are available by special order. Give us a call or visit the Bakehouse.
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