walnut sage bread

walnut sage bread
We pair a hint of wild sage that we get from our friends at Épices de Cru with the humble yet complex flavors of toasted California walnuts in a new naturally leavened, whole grain bread. For Walnut Sage, we freshly mill the relatively modern Hard Red Spring wheat and the super-flavorful, ancient Emmer wheat (the ancestor of the modern durum wheat, if you will), both grown in the Leelanau Peninsula of our beautiful state. We’ve also added a touch of freshly milled whole rye to the mix.

In an effort to coax the full potential of the whole grains, we do a long and slow overnight natural fermentation of a very wet dough that is dyed purple thanks to the tannins from the skins of the walnuts. The bake is bold and dark! And rightly so, to match the boldness of what's going on in that crumb and highlight the abundance of residual sugars from naturally fermented whole grains. This combination has a lot to offer besides the added nutritional benefits of freshly milled whole grains. Flavor first! Earthy, sweet, nutty, slightly tangy and floral, a touch bitter... Dare we say addicting? Enjoy on its own, toasted and spread with butter or jam, or pressed into a panini with your favorite goat cheese.

FMWG (Freshly Milled Whole Grain)
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