freekeh fougasse

freekeh fougasse
A Whole Grain Flatbread with Turkish Freekeh Flare

This naturally leavened flatbread, featuring fresh, house-milled whole-grain flours, smoky freekeh wheat, and a touch of Michigan honey, all in the traditional shape of an ear of wheat, brushed with olive oil hot out of the ovens!

Our fougasse is made with three whole grains, two of which are locally sourced: organic Warthog (hard red winter) wheat grown in Illinois, organic spelt (an ancient variety) grown in Michigan, and freekeh (a fire-roasted young durum wheat) from Turkey, where it is a common staple. We mill the Warthog and spelt berries on our stone mill. After a hot, relatively quick bake, we get a flatbread with a thin crust, a good chew, and an earthy, wheaty, moist crumb interlaced with the added texture and smoky flavor from the freekeh. While our fougasse may look good on your dinner table, whole, it’s also perfect for tearing off pieces to pair with your favorite soup or cheese. Pop it in your oven briefly on its second day, and this flatbread will continue to satisfy!

Some history

Fougasse (pronounced foo-gaas) is a traditional style of flatbread from Provence in the south of France, but its origin hails back to the flatbread of ancient Rome, panis focacius. A quick-baking flatbread traditionally baked in the ashes of a wood-burning hearth (focus in Latin), it became a useful gauge in assessing the temperature of the wood-burning oven. The time it would take to bake gave an idea as to the oven temperature and whether it was hot enough to bake full loaves of bread. As the flatbread traveled and adapted to new regions, panis focacius eventually became focaccia in modern Italian, fougasse in the south of France, and is now also related to a number of other flatbreads in and around the Mediterranean region.

What makes our fougasse so flavorful and distinctive is its unique melding of freshly milled whole grains—wheat and spelt—with the smoky Turkish freekeh and, of course, the natural leavening process we passionately adhere to.

Locally sourced ingredients: Organic Warthog wheat and organic spelt grown at Janie’s Farm Organics in Danforth, IL; honey from Gearig Apiaries in Ithaca, MI.

FMWG (Freshly Milled Whole Grain)
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