September Specials

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September Specials

Kibler’s Curry Bagel—every Tuesday and Saturday in September
Warming garam masala and juicy golden raisins join forces to make the ultimate sweet and savory bagel. Named after longtime friend of the Bakehouse & founder of Field & Fire bakery in Grand Rapids, Shelby Kibler. It’s back for this month only so don’t miss out!

Michigan Peach Pie—until 9/26
There’s a lot of love that goes into making our peach pie. We start with freshly milling the flour from organic soft white wheat berries and hard red spring wheat berries, both grown in Michigan. Then we use that flour to construct our mighty tasty all-butter double pie crust, which we fill with skin-on fresh Michigan peaches, a little cane sugar, and real vanilla bean. 

Back from Vacation!

Rigó Jancsi, Chocolate Rum Torta
A traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte named after Rigó Jancsi [ree-go yan-CHEE] (1858-1927), a famous Hungarian violinist who seduced and married Clara Ward, Princesse de Caraman-Chimay. It’s two light layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate rum whipped cream and iced with apricot glaze and dark chocolate ganache.

Caramel Apple Cake
Layers of apple butter spice cake filled with more apple butter and covered in decadent caramel buttercream. A slice of spice is nice this fall. It’s important to enjoy this cake at room temperature for ideal texture and maximum flavor.

Chocolate Rugelach
Chocolate ganache, chocolate brownie crumbles, and van leer chocolate, wrapped up in cream cheese pastry and sprinkled with cocoa sugar. As indulgent as a Jewish grandmother!

Babka is back, baby! So what is it? Babka, which means little grandmother in Yiddish, is a traditional Jewish loaf of sweet bread. It all started when nuts and seeds were twisted up with scraps of challah dough on Shabbat, then it evolved into the modern-day chocolate version when Jews arrived in New York. Variations can be found by other names throughout Eastern Europe. There’s a lot going on in our babka. We start with a rich buttery brioche dough, paint it with dark chocolate, sprinkle it with chocolate crumble and orange syrup-soaked raisins, twist it up, and carefully place that work of art in the pan. The loaf is baked to a golden brown with a fragrant cinnamon-sugar top. We’ll go a long way for full flavor! A slice of our dark chocolate raisin babka is great for morning coffee, evening dessert, afternoon tea time, or any time. Warming it up a little would be nice too. Enjoy!

U of M Cookie
Blue ‘M’ shaped cookies with a maize football decoration. Adds more fun to any tailgate in a flash.

Cabbage & Goose Fat Rétes
Retes is a favorite Hungarian flavor we discovered during our time in Budapest. It’s just a few ingredients cabbage, goose fat, salt, and pepper—but lots of flavor. Why goose fat? Geese are a favorite protein in Hungary, lots of foie gras is on restaurant menus, and it’s possible to find all things goose in the meat markets. Goose fat is understandably a commonly used fat. It adds a distinctive roasted poultry flavor to this savory treat.

Apple Rétes—returns 9/26
The most well known Hungarian of the rétes family (that’s Hungarian for strudel), classic apple. Just like song My Favorite Things lists, “warm apple strudel.” Inside that powder sugar-dusted, golden brown, flaky exterior is an aromatic filling of Michigan apples, a pinch of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and a little cane sugar. It’s a sweet slice of tradition.

Rustic Apple Pie—returns 9/26
It’s a classic! A mound of fresh apples tossed in cinnamon sugar hand-folded inside a rustic looking all-butter pie crust. The whole thing is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar streusel.

Jewish New Year Specials 9/26-10/8

Challah Turbans
Our fresh egg and clover honey bread in the traditional round shape for the new year. Available with or without dark rum-soaked raisins.

More Rockin’ Challah
Traditional Moroccan challah, a beautiful 5-strand braid brushed with honey and topped with poppy, sesame, and anise seeds.

Bumble Honey Cake—wheat-free (not gluten-free)
A dense spice cake made with rye flour & buckwheat honey, brewed tea, almonds, and golden raisins.