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St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Soda Bread – We’re very excited to once again offer you traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread. After working on this recipe for many years, we think we’ve really created something special using Irish whole meal flour (whole wheat), white flour, stone-milled Irish oats, local buttermilk, baking soda, and sea salt. The flour and oats are shipped straight here from Ireland every year! Available through March 17th.

St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17th.


Hamantaschen – A bright spot in the middle of winter is Purim, the Jewish holiday which celebrates the triumph of Persian Jews over the wicked minister Haman. Purim brings hamantaschen, the traditional, three-cornered pastry pockets, stuffed with sweet fillings. One of the best of Jewish sweets. These beautiful little triangularly shaped cookie pockets are stuffed with an array of our favorite fillings. It’s hard to go wrong with hamentaschen at any time of the day. Available every day in March.

Purim begins Monday, March 9.