February Specials

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February Specials
Feel the Valentine’s Day love, all month long

Valentine Cupcakes

Our famous buttermilk cake is stuffed with Michigan cherry preserves, then topped with an indulgent white chocolate buttercream and garnished with fondant hears. 

Roses Cake
This sweet and luscious looking cake is completely covered in hand-piped pink buttercream rosettes with a sprinkle of sparkle. Inside are tempting layers of buttermilk chocolate cake and fresh strawberry buttercream. 

Heart Cookies
Heart-shaped butter cookies baked with a hint of fresh citrus zest, adorably decorated with fresh handmade fondant in a few assorted colors with fun messages. Individually bagged, these cookies make great gifts for every Valentine on the list! Available 2/1-2/14.

Hungarian Month at the Bakehouse

Rigó Jancsi Torta with chestnut cream

Only Zingerman’s Bakehouse is making this special dessert! A new version of the traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte named after Rigó Jancsi [ree-go yan-CHEE] (1858-1927), a famous Hungarian violinist. A regal torte made with two light layers of chocolate chestnut sponge cake, filled with rum-spiked chestnut whipped cream, iced with a thin layer of apricot glaze and finished with rich dark chocolate ganache. Chestnuts are a staple in Hungarian food and desserts and we knew they would add a new layer of flavor to this classic torte. We invite you to experience it for yourself. Your taste buds will be so in love with it, they’ll serenade you with romantic violin music. Available every day in February.

Dobos Torta
Pronounced [doh-bosh], this traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte was created in 1887 by well-known chef and confectioner József C. Dobos (1847–1924). It’s five thin layers of vanilla sponge cake and dark chocolate espresso buttercream, all topped with pieces of crispy dark caramel. Taste one of Hungary’s most famous tortas! Available every day in February.

Esterhazy Torta
Our version of this famous torta is made up of layers of toasted walnut cake filled with a magnificent toasted walnut vanilla buttercream, decorated with poured fondant in a distinctive design used specifically for Esterhazy cakes. Available every day in February.

(poh-gotcha) The everyday roll in Hungary. They are a cross between what we know as a scone and a biscuit and can be eaten for any meal, as a snack, part of an appetizer with korozott (Hungarian liptauer cheese spread), or with soup. The rich, full of flavor comes from sweet butter, fresh eggs local sour cream and fresh dill. They are light and tender from the layering process of making them and a little yeast. Do yourself a favor and try one. It’ll make your mouth happy. Available every Saturday and Sunday in February.

The name flodni (fluden in Yiddish) refers to a layered and filled pastry. Our version of this Hungarian specialty, as well as a traditional Jewish holiday pastry, has layers of not too sweet honey poppyseed, raisin walnut, and cinnamon apple fillings. A slice is pure delight with your afternoon tea. Available every Saturday and Sunday in February.

Almond Kifli
The name kifli originally referred to the crescent shape and to savory breads in this shape. (It was the precursor to the croissant!) It is available in many parts of Europe by different names. This particular cookie is very popular in Hungary and Austria today. Ours is made with ground almonds, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla bean and extract, as well as powdered sugar. They are addictive, so watch out! Available every day in February.

Pear & Cream Cheese Rétes and Potato Bacon Rétes
Rétes (ray-tesh) is a Hungarian specialty, you might know it as strudel. We take our own fresh dough and carefully hand stretch it over an 8-foot table until it’s thin enough to see through. Then it’s folded and layered with melted butter and a sprinkle of bread crumbs, wrapped around either sweet (pear preserves and cream cheese) or savory (potato and bacon) and baked until golden brown. Take a big bite and savor all that went into making it, but don’t worry if you get some on you. That’s part of the experience!