Hungarian Foods

7 Reasons We Love Hungarian Food

It Tastes Delicious
We fell in love with it first hand on our many trips to Hungary. The proof is in the eating! Gulyás, cabbage, goose fat strudel, stuffed cabbage, Lecso, pickles of all sorts, korozott, foie gras, lángos, krémes, dobos torta…delicious!

Practice Makes Perfect
Hungarian cuisine is more than 1000 years old! It has incredible depth and richness starting with the Magyars themselves, the inventors of gulyás. It includes flavors and methods from Ottomans, French, Italians, and Austrians! Any food tradition that’s persisted and evolved for 1,000 years is worth knowing about.

We’re Connecting With Our Hungarian Customers
Food can be an incredibly positive community builder. Many of our guests are now telling us about their Hungarian ancestry and bringing family members and friends to our shop (or to learn in our BAKE! classes) so that they can enjoy a taste of home. We love making food, but it is even more meaningful when it brings so much joy, appreciation, and connection.

It Connects Us with Zingerman’s Jewish Roots
Studying Hungarian food has helped us learn even more about Ashkenazi Jewish cooking. Many Jewish dishes are fully integrated and regularly served in the daily Hungarian repertoire and the largest Jewish community in Eastern Europe is thriving (and cooking) in Budapest today.

It’s Abundant and Full of Variety
There is a seemingly endless number of great pastries, cakes, breads, and soups for us to explore. There is both a rich tradition of home cooking and a highly developed professional cuisine. Regional specialties abound and holiday food traditions are practiced. It will take us years to really learn this cuisine and fully share it with you.

We Enjoy Educating
We’re very excited to introduce Hungarian foods to a new audience. Many of us know nothing about Hungary, let alone its cuisine, and the reception has been interest and enthusiasm.

Hungarian Words are Fun
We delight in learning to say and spell them. Rétes! Krémes! Rigó Jancsi! Stop in and ask for help with the pronunciations and a taste of our Hungarian foods!

Hungry for more Hungary?!

Stop in and ask for a taste of our Hungarian foods.

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