BAKE! Gets a Shout Out from Ready Made Magazine (February/March 2010)

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A “Super Sandwich” from Zingerman’s is Highlighted in Time for the Super Bowl in Hour Detroit (February 2010)

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Bakehouse Cakes are Featured as a “Sweet Inspiration” in Detroit Metro Bride (Winter/Spring 2010)

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“Success on Rye” is Hour Detroit magazine’s look at Zingerman’s unique approach to doing business (June 2008)

“It started as a humble deli,” explains this comprehensive article, “but Zingerman’s has stacked up its empire to include a creamery, bakery, catering service, coffee company, and restaurant. And its unusual business philosophy is what keeps it from being in a pickle.” Download the PDF

“Zingerman’s Community of Business Sets the Standard for Local Food Producers” according to Edible WOW! magazine (Spring 2008)

Zingerman’s commitment to the community is highlighted by this local food publication: “To ensure that Zingerman’s will endure well in the future, the company has cast an ambitious vision that emphasizes interdependence among colleagues, the Zingerman’s Community of Business and the community at large….With passion as their fuel, they contribute daily to positive change in the way we embrace food—and we’re eating it up.”

dBusiness magazine examines what it means to do business “The Zingerman’s Way” (December 2008)

This Detroit-area business publication takes an in-depth look at the practices and principles behind the success of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses: “The company’s reach is impressive—it has ventured ito parts of the business it once outsourced to suppliers (bread, bagels, coffee, among others). Now it even offers classes for aspiring bakers ( Beyond baked goods such as croissants, muffins, and scones, seemingly no product is too difficult or esoteric for Zingerman’s to make…”

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake is a “Favorite Thing” (Midwest Living, Feb 2007)

Zingerman’s Delicatessen makes the list of this mag’s favorites: “Exceptional local ingredients and sharp-witted approach turned this college-town landmark into a global mail-order business…When Midwest Living staffers need to keep relatives happy at Christmas, we often rely on Zingerman’s staples, such as sour cream coffee cake.”

Magic Brownies Recipe One of Twenty Best (Midwest Living, Feb 2007)

Magic Brownies are listed among the 20 best recipes from the past two decades of this magazine: “Loaded with chocolate, these beauties from Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have been one of their most popular sellers for more than 15 years.”

The Ann Arbor News Tries “Breadmaking Zingerman’s Style” (The Ann Arbor News, Nov 1, 2006)

News food writer Nan Bauer raves about BAKE’s all-day “Mambo Italiano” bread class, which she took without revealing her identity as a journalist until the end of the day: “In these action-packed eight hours, I have learned as much as I ever did in a day at any restaurant…You work side-by-side with superb teachers while your up to your elbows in ingredients. The class was fun.”

The Flint Journal is “Learning How to Make Bread” (The Flint Journal, Nov 21, 2006)

The Journal’s Ron Krueger learns about making baguettes in his class at BAKE!: “I’m looking at a cross-section of the baguette the way a jeweler studies a 48-karat diamond…[Alejandro] Ramon and Amy Small were giving the scoop on bread in a class at Zingerman’s Bakehouse. The Bakehouse has been making and distributing bread for 14 years, but it only started hosting classes for the public in September.”