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Bakehouse Cookbooklets

Our first cookbook, published in 2017 to mark the Bakehouse’s 25th anniversary, includes 65 of our most popular recipes and some in-house favorites. We have many more recipes to share! Look for them in this new series of small format, thematic cookbooklets that blend history, stories, and our dedication to traditional methods and flavorful ingredients with easy to follow recipes. You might find your personal favorite!

Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies

2nd Edition

It’s been more than 5 years since we published the first edition of our Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies cookbooklet. Since then, we’ve taught many new and now adored holiday cookies at BAKE!, our hands-on teaching bakery. The annual Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookie class continues to attract hundreds of folks to bake cookies with us. In this second edition, we include some of the tried and true Fancy Schmancy favorites plus the best recipes of the more recent years.

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Other Bakehouse Books

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Book

Zingerman’s Bakehouse: the Cookbook

We see Zingerman’s Bakehouse as much more than a workplace. It’s a community of people coming together, using traditional methods to bake breads and pastries in an environment that supports personal growth and learning. We wrote this book to celebrate the ways we work and the joyful food we create, bringing the Bakehouse into your home with recipes for our most popular items and the stories behind their creations.

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Breezy Breakfast Book cover

Breezy Breakfasts: Easy Favorites for Brighter Mornings

We love baking for breakfast. In fact, we have so many recipes for tasty breakfast goodies that we’re creating 2 cookbooklets to cover them all. This first edition focuses on muffins, scones, and porridges, like our baked oatmeal and Cream of the Crop. It also features unique, easy to make Bakehouse pastries, like Patti Pockets.

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Illustration of cover of Cup or Bowl? book

Cup or Bowl?: Favorite Soups from the Zingerman’s Bakehouse Kitchen

We introduced soups to our Bakeshop menu nearly 20 years ago and have built up a broad repertoire since. Our newest booklet Cup or Bowl?, includes our 15 favorite recipes so you can enjoy a range of soups from cold summer classics like heirloom gazpacho to American standards like creamy Tomato De-Vine.

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Mixing and Kneading Dough

Braiding 6 Strand

Braiding 5 Strand

Shaping a Baguette

Shaping a Round, Football Loaf

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Frequently Asked Questions

We carry a number of pantry ingredients at the Bakehouse. If what you’re looking for is not on the Bakeshop shelf and we have it in the bakery, we’ll happily gather what you need and bring it to the shop. They are often available in your local grocery stores. If not, we suggest you do a search online; they are all readily available from online sellers.

At the bakery we are always in the process of improving our recipes. They are never set forever. The recipes in the books represent our most up-to-date versions when the books are written.

We’re sorry. If they aren’t there, hang on. We’re documenting requests and we are working on a new series of Bakehouse recipe cookbooklets. The recipe you’re looking for may be coming soon.

We also may teach the recipe you’re looking for in one of our classes. Visit our website here and look for the item you love.

If it’s not there, hang on. We’re documenting requests. Perhaps there will be a second book someday!

We’re sorry to say that we’ve discovered a few errors in the recipes. Attached is a file you can download and put in the appropriate book. Thanks for bearing with us.

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