April Specials

Bread of the Month

Sicilian Sesame Semolina Round

Meet the bread you didn’t even know you needed in your life. It’s claim to flavor fame is something to see, and taste of course. The entire loaf is rolled in unhulled sesame seeds before baking. The natural oil in all those seeds that cover the dough gets slowly roasted in the oven, contributing an intense flavor and aroma, not to mention a lovely little crunch. And that’s just the crust! Inside there’s a firm, rich and almost cake-like crumb made with golden semolina flour yielding a beautiful yellow interior. The same flour often used to make pasta. Our Sicilian Sesame Semolina bread begs to be toasted, griddled or broiled to turn the flavor dial up even higher. It loves to be paired with garlic butter, pesto, olive tapenade or a sprinkle of good parmesan. It’s one of the featured breads on the toast menu at our neighbor Zingerman’s Coffee Company, served with cream cheese and lutenitsa, a Bulgarian tomato and eggplant spread. Trust us fellow bread lover, you want to give Sicilian Sesame Semolina a whirl. Was $6.79 a loaf, now $4.75 this month.
Cake of the Month


When Zingerman's Roadhouse opened in 2003 we were inspired to introduce many old time American favorites. Hummingbird cake is one of them. A traditional southern cake with toasted coconut, fresh bananas, toasted pecans, and pineapple covered in cream cheese frosting. All those flavors add up to one special dessert. Taste why it's been one of our most popular cakes for more than a decade. All hummingbird cakes and slices are 20% off this month.
Spring Sweets

Sweet Cream Biscuits

We start by freshly milling organic soft white wheat berries from Ferris Organic Farms in Eaton Rapids, Michigan on our stone mill. Next, we hand-mix these biscuits so they are moist and fluffy, ready to hold a heap of delicious fruits. Perfect for farmer’s market days. Available individually or in a family six-pack.

April Cupcakes

  • Buttermilk cake with lemon buttercream.
  • Salted caramel—chocolate cake with dulce de leche salted caramel buttercream
  • OMG…chocolate cake, stuffed with chocolate ganache, covered in chocolate buttercream, dipped in chocolate
  • Tiramisu…buttermilk cake, stuffed with vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in espresso buttercream, dusted with cocoa

Passover Specials (available all month long!!)

Moist creamy coconut centers with a chewy toasted coconut crust, in vanilla bean or dark chocolate varieties. Buy them by the big luscious piece or petite macaroons by the dozen in a handsome gift box. (6 of each flavor in the box)

Chocolate Orange Torte
A Bakehouse Passover classic. A moist layer of chocolate cake made with matzo and ground almonds, flavored with orange oil, glazed with dark chocolate ganache, all surrounded with more toasted almonds. 6” cake. Serves 6-8.

Lemon Sponge Cake
A delightful way to end your Passover feast. Light and lemony sponge cake with lemon curd between the layers and a caramelized meringue exterior. Wheat free too! (made with potato starch).

Pavlova is great for Passover! Pavlova is the iconic dessert of Australia and New Zealand, named after the Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova, who performed there in the 1920s. It is a light, luscious, fruity, sweet, cloud-like dessert. It begins with piping a round of vanilla meringue and baking it until the exterior is crispy, but the interior remains soft and smooth. It’s then covered with a thick wavy layer of unsweetened whipped cream (plenty of sugar in the meringue for the entire dessert) and generously decorated with colorful seasonal fruit. This month: mango, kiwi and raspberry. Enjoy them while you can!

Easter Specials

Easter Egg Cookies 4/1-4/21
Egg-shaped butter cookies with a hint of fresh citrus zest that are delightfully decorated with our own marbled vanilla fondant. Great in an Easter basket or at each place setting on the dinner table.

Easter Bunny Cake 4/1-4/21
Set the spring scene with this adorable cake. To us, this is the best kind of centerpiece for your holiday table, both fun to look at and delicious to eat. Inside you’ll find soft layers of fluffy vanilla chiffon cake and lemon passionfruit buttercream that will get your taste buds hopping. The outside is covered vanilla Swiss buttercream, a lilac-colored white chocolate ganache drip design and a handmade fondant bunny and flowers. Finish off your family meal with fun and flavor. Your guests of all ages will be delighted in every way. 6” cake, serves 6-10. Get one while you can! Like all our cakes, please enjoy at room temperature for maximum flavor and ideal texture.

Special Bakes

hot cross buns 4/18-4/21
A traditional treat on Good Friday. Soft yeasted buns made with oatmeal, raisins, currants and candied orange peel, all topped with an icing cross. Betcha can't eat just one!

somodi kalács -cinnamon swirl bread 4/19-4/21
A ZcoB exclusive (sho-mo-dee-ko-loch) A traditional Hungarian Easter bread we learned to
bake in a village in Transylvania on our trip there in 2012. This soft, golden pan loaf is made
with fresh eggs and a sweet buttery cinnamon sugar swirl inside. The smell is amazing. The
taste is even better. Enjoy it while you can!

chocolate challah bread 4/26 & 4/27
A golden loaf of our glorious challah bread made with organic flour, eggs, Michigan honey, and chunks of Belgian semi-sweet chocolate. Treat yourself with a slice. It makes positively sinful french toast or bread pudding.

sweet butter tea cake 4/25-4/28
This little coffeecake is simply scrumptious. It gets its rich and moist texture and flavor from the Wisconsin sweet cream butter and the real sour cream from Guernsey family dairy in Northville, MI. Enjoy a slice straight up with your favorite coffee brewing method from Zingerman's Coffee company.

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