January Specials

Bread of the Month

Rustic Italian Round

This bread is simply made of organic wheat flour, water, salt, and a little yeast. Inside, you’ll find a snowy white crumb, and outside, a thin golden-brown crust. It’s one of our best selling breads for its versatility, from panini to PB&J, it does it all. Everyone loves this loaf. 
 This month, Rustic Italian rounds are available for the special price of $4.75!
Cake of the Month

Raspberry White Chocolate Chiffon

It looks a little like a winter snowfall, feels light and creamy and tastes heavenly. This very special cake is a marriage of vanilla chiffon cake layers, vanilla bean pastry cream, and raspberry preserve fillings, all covered in vanilla buttercream and white chocolate shavings. White chocolate chiffon cakes, whole and slices, are 20% off this month.
They're Back!

Sugar Crisp Muffins
Some people call this the doughnut muffin. It’s a splendid flavor combination, buttermilk nutmeg muffins rolled in cinnamon sugar. Do yourself a favor and find out why it has so many fans.

Chestnut Cream Rigó Jancsi Torta
Only Zingerman’s Bakehouse is making this special dessert! A new version of the traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte named after Rigó Jancsi [ree-go yan-CHEE], a famous Hungarian violinist. A regal torte made with two light layers of chocolate chestnut sponge cake, filled with rum-spiked chestnut whipped cream, iced with a thin layer of apricot glaze and finished with rich dark chocolate ganache. Chestnuts are a staple in Hungarian food and desserts and we knew they would add a new layer of flavor to this classic torte. We invite you to experience it for yourself. Your taste buds will be so in love with it, they’ll serenade you with romantic violin music.

Bacon & Potato Rétes & Indian Vegetable Rétes

Lemon Clouds
This airy butter pastry is kissed with a touch of our fresh lemon curd to create a danish that will lift you up into the clouds.

Halvah Swirl Cheesecake
We start by swirling together our Zingerman’s Classic and chocolate cheesecake fillings. Just when things couldn’t get any better, we throw in a touch of tahini and finish it off with delicious chunks of Hebel & Co Halvah from Los Angeles. Once this flavor-packed filling is ready we bake it off in a rich black magic brownie crust. This cheesecake is the new definition of indulgence!

Bavarian Pretzel Twists—Available on Thursdays & Saturdays
The traditional twisted Bavarian-style pretzel. They make for a great midday snack, a fun treat for the kids or your favorites beer’s perfect partner.

Special Bakes

pumpernickel raisin 1/29 & 1/30
Chewy, traditional pumpernickel bread with juicy red flame raisins and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Great toasted with a schmear of Zingerman’s Creamery's award-winning cream cheese.

pain de montagne 2/5 & 2/6
Our Pain de Montagne (pronounced [pahn de mon-tahn-ya]) is an intense, rustic loaf inspired by the traditional, naturally leavened, artisan wheat bread of the hard-to-reach mountain regions of France and Switzerland.

Vying with Farm bread for top spot on Frank's list of favorite breads is the Pain de Montagne. We offer it in two sizes: a .75 kilo loaf (about 1.65 lbs) that's good for slicing and munching, and a 2 kilo (about 4.4 lbs) work of art.

We love the 2K loaf! A good foot-and-a half across and four or five inches high, each loaf is decorated with a hand-cut Z. It has a chestnut-colored crust that's nearly a quarter-inch thick. The size is significant because bigger loaves almost always taste better. Baked to last, our 2K Montagne bread will still be delicious ten days after leaving our oven. This bread is totally terrific for toasting and spreading with a light smear of butter.

Attention French food fanatics:
Pain de Montagne is the closest thing we've ever tasted to the much-loved loaves of Paris' beloved baker, Lionel Poilane.

somodi kalacs 2/12 & 2/13, 2/26 & 2/27
Somodi Kalács
Hungarian Cinnamon Swirl Bread from Transylvania

Somodi Kalács (pronounced [sho-MO-dee-ka-loch] is a traditional, Hungarian cinnamon swirl celebration bread we learned to make in a village in Transylvania on our trip there in 2012 in search of artisanal Hungarian foods. This soft, yeasted, golden pan loaf is made with organic flour, Michigan honey, fresh eggs, and a sweet, buttery, cinnamon sugar swirl. The smell is amazing. The taste is even better.

Some history

So why visit this historic region of Romania to learn about Hungarian baking traditions? Transylvania was an important part of Hungary from the Middle Ages until the Treaty of Trianon after World War I, when it was ceded to Romania. After the treaty, many Hungarians left the region, but plenty stayed. To this day, there are villages in Transylvania where everyone living there considers themselves Hungarian and many of Hungary’s age-old cultural and culinary traditions remain intact.

Our travels in Transylvania took us to the Hungarian village of Torockó, where somodi kalács originated, some 400 years ago when the village was a prosperous iron ore and gold mining town. The lucrative metals trade gave villagers the means to afford cinnamon and sugar, a real luxury back then, which were key to making somodi kalács. The bread was originally baked in a clay pot, greased with lard, in a wood-fired oven. Nowadays, the bread is more frequently made in a loaf pan, greased with either lard or butter and baked in a gas oven. It was, and continues to be, served for Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost, and until the 20th century, it was the customary wedding cake.

To learn how to make somodi kalács, we visited the bed-and-breakfast of Melinda Király, who grew up in Torockó and learned to cook and bake in her parents’ restaurant. We were especially intrigued by the special folding technique Melinda used to achieve the unique swirl of cinnamon sugar inside the bread. We’ve replicated her technique in making our own version, resulting in an oh-so-delicious sweet, buttery, cinnamony swirl of a celebration bread.

Enjoy it while you can. We bake it at Easter time and on occasional weekends throughout the year.

king cake 2/13-2/16
A traditional French dessert of buttery layers of puff pastry filled with our own almond frangipane. Each cake is baked with one whole almond inside. Get the lucky slice and you're crowned king (or queen) of the party!

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