August Specials

Bread of the Month

Jewish Rye

Saveur magazine called it “America’s best rye”. It's also one of the building blocks of a famous Zingerman’s Delicatessen reuben. Traditional Jewish rye bread is an endangered species these days. Ours is made rye bread with plenty of rye flour (believe it or not, most "rye bread" sold in America has hardly any rye flour), a natural sour starter and lots of time for the flavors to develop in the dough. This month Jewish rye loaves are a special price. Was $6.99, Now $4.75.
Cake of the Month


Our moist buttermilk cake is made with local Guernsey Farms Dairy buttermilk and Wisconsin sweet cream butter. We fill it with lovely raspberry butter cream and cover it in smooth vanilla butter cream. It's simply scrumptious and has been a Bakehouse classic for two decades. Please enjoy our cakes responsibly, at room temperature. Your patience will be rewarded with maximum flavor and ideal texture. This month all buttermilk cakes, whole and slices, are 20% off.
Summer Lovin'

Enjoy these summer treats while you can!

-Berry Patch Cake with fresh strawberries
-Blueberries & Cream Stuffed Cupcakes
-Blueberry Tarts
-Cheery Cherry Pie
-Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
-Coconut Cream Pie
-Country Peach Pie
-Go Blue!-berry
-Jake’s Cake Angel Food
-Key Lime Pie
-Lemon Passionfruit Cupcakes
-Miss Kim’s Matcha Cake with fresh raspberries
-Sweet Cream Biscuits
-Tokaji Cream Cake with fresh raspberries


Special Bakes

Sweet Butter Tea Cake 8/16-8/19
Back just for the a weekend. This little coffeecake is simply scrumptious. It gets its rich and moist texture and flavor from the Wisconsin sweet cream butter and the real sour cream from Guernsey family dairy in Northville, MI. Enjoy a slice straight up with your favorite coffee brewing method from Zingerman's Coffee company.

Potato Dill bread 8/17 & 8/18
Roasted potatoes, fresh dill and scallions mixed up in a round of our chewy, tangy sourdough. Great on a tuna melt or toasted with cream cheese.

Banana Cream Pie 8/24-8/26
A special surprise for one weekend only! Here's how we build a classic banana cream pie the Zingerman's Bakehouse way. We'll start with a scrumptious graham cracker crumb crust, fill it with made from scratch vanilla bean pastry cream and sliced fresh bananas, then top it with real vanilla bean whipped cream made from local Guernsey Farms heavy cream. You really can taste the difference. So grab a fork and dig in. Your weekend instantly got a whole lot better.

Irish Soda Bread 8/24-8/26
We’re very excited to offer you traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread again this year. After working on this recipe for many years, we think we have really created something special using Irish whole meal flour (whole wheat), white wheat flour, stone-milled Irish oats, soured milk, baking soda and sea salt. The flour is shipped here straight from Ireland every year!

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