June Specials

Bread of the Month

Rustic Italian Rounds

One of our best-selling breads because of its versatility. It has a beautiful white crumb and a golden-brown crust. From panini to PB&J, it does it all. Available at a special price all month long: $4.75!
Cake of the Month

Mississippi Mud Pie

A special brownie-like chocolate cake covered in rich dark chocolate ganache, toasted meringue, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Enjoy this cake at room temperature or just a little warm. Your patience will be rewarded. All Mud Pies, whole and slices, are 20% off all month long!
June Specials

*NEW* Almondinger Cookie

The newest cookie in our line-up features a flavorful blend of coconut (times two, with both coconut oil and toasted flake coconut) and almonds (times two again, with both almond butter and toasted almonds). Over half the flour in this cookie is freshly milled whole grain Michigan wheat, adding even more flavor! They’re so good, you might find yourself exclaiming, “Almondinger!,” just for the fun of it. These cookies just so happen to be vegan, so even more cookie-lovers are able to enjoy them.

June Cupcakes:

• Buttermilk cupcake with lemon passionfruit buttercream
• Blueberries & Cream…buttermilk cupcake, stuffed with vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in blueberry buttercream
• OMG…chocolate cupcake, stuffed with chocolate ganache, covered in chocolate buttercream, dipped in chocolate
• Strawberry Lemonade…buttermilk cupcake stuffed with lemon curd, topped with fresh strawberry buttercream
• *NEW* Piña Colada with coconut cupcake and pineapple rum buttercream

Back from Vacation:

Tokaji Cream cake
This torta is an interesting combination of flavors and special ingredients starting with Tokaji wine, from the Tokaj wine region of Hungary. We’re using a sweet topaz-colored variety, 5 Puttyonos Aszú. The wine and Guernsey Dairy heavy cream make the cream that fills and covers the cake. Inside are layers of soft vanilla chiffon cake and chopped raspberries. The outside is garnished with sliced toasted almonds and whole raspberries.

Blueberry Buckle
A buckle is an American coffee cake that dates back to colonial times. Our sweet and moist version has a bounty of wild blueberries, sweet butter, a touch of orange and cinnamon, and is topped off with a remarkable butter-crumble crust.

Special Bakes

chernushka rye bread 6/11 & 6/12
Chewy traditional Jewish rye with chernushka seeds, also known as black caraway or nigella seeds. They give the loaf, and your sandwich, a nice peppery like flavor. This one definitely has a following.

peppered bacon farm 6/18 & 6/19
Everything is better with bacon right? Check out Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon and black pepper in a crusty loaf of our signature Farm bread. This is our most popular special bake. Makes a mean fried egg sandwich.

black olive farm 6/25 & 6/26
A crusty round of our signature farm bread studded with marinated black Kalamata olives from Greece.

bialys 7/6
This is our version of the traditional bialy that hails from Bialystok, Poland. They're crispy and chewy rolls with a center of slow-roasted onions and poppy seeds. They look a little like bagels, but they're different. Bagels are boiled before baking and of course, have a hole through the middle. Bialys are not boiled but still hand-shaped and stone hearth-baked and have a delicious impression to hold that savory center. You can certainly eat them the same way you would a bagel though. Enjoy!

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