Jaison Restrick

Managing Partner

Jaison Restrick in BAKE!Jaison began working at the Bakehouse as a fresh-faced teenager in need of a summer job. Twenty-some years later, that summer job turned into a career and his life’s work! 

Jaison finds the art of baking completely fascinating, saying, “The ability to take 3 of the most simple ingredients and turn them into an endless spectrum of flavors, textures, colors, and smells will never stop being remarkable to me.” He’s discovered over the years that he learns best by doing—and he’s certainly had the opportunity to have hands-on experience with all things baking and business at this special place. He also appreciates that you can learn something new every day—it never stops!

Some of Jaison’s favorite things to eat at the Bakehouse are the True North, Country Miche, French baguette, Hunka Burnin’ Love chocolate cake, and the entire delightful lineup of scones. He’s passionate about food, but also about people. He firmly believes the culture we build and sustain at the Bakehouse directly impacts the quality of work everyone does, adding “The experience we provide to our guests makes the delicious food we make taste even better.”  

Jaison is a tinkerer who loves troubleshooting and problem-solving. He’s lived in Ann Arbor for most of his life and feels extremely grateful to help play a small part in what makes this town so special. When he’s not at the bakery, he’s spending time outdoors with his amazing wife and their son, or sneaking out for a round of golf! He’s also an avid music lover and has a degree in recording engineering.