love makes a family

Baby shower cakes are an absolute blast to make, because, let’s face it, we’re helping to celebrate the birth of new life. With that in mind, we put together a collection a cakes that we made this past year that were some of our favorites. From traditional styling to thematic to something a little more modern, we had it all. Take a look and see if anything inspires you for your shower!

Baby circus


Nothing says circus like a red and white-striped tent and candy apples. And nothing says baby like a cute little elephant in a diaper! With bright colors and a cheerful design, you just can’t help but smile when you see this cake.

Baby penguin


If you didn’t know, we love making figurines. Our couple, which married in the winter a couple years ago, had penguin toppers that we made to represent them. It was only fitting then to make a little girl penguin to represent their new baby to join in the penguin family. This cake was also reminiscent of their wedding cake because it too, was decorated with snowflakes (just not so girly)!

Baby shoes


Making baby Converse shoes are becoming the “new thing.” And why not? They’re adorable—and can come in color imaginable! Again, cheerful colors just make this shower cake so much fun.

Baby art deco


What’s kind of cool about this cake is that nothing screams “baby” except for the inscription. The design was inspired solely from the art deco styled invitation. The painting, the flared leaves, and the golden disks…it all came together to form this beautiful, unique baby shower cake.

Baby books


Children’s books are a favorite pastime for many. You have memories of them, and for many, you will create new ones with your child. For this design, we only represented the title, but in the exact styling as the original storybook. We then added an extra touch by creating some 3D elements from the stories—sweet and touching and save-able!



Not all celebrations have to be showers. We had the privilege of making this family a cake to celebrate the adoption of their new baby girl, Evie. It was girly and charming and all topped off with gumpaste figurines representing each member of the family, including their new baby. Even their dog got one and isn’t that just the sweetest! And as there is never a truer statement, the cake was finished with the inscription “Love makes a family.”