Display Room part 2—the big ones

The final portion of our display room work are the large(r) cakes. These range from cakes that serve 100 people all the way up to 390 people! Whether you want a showpiece cake to serve all your guests, something smaller, or somewhere in between, these styles and sizes of cake can fill your dream wedding desires.

Sweet Succulent


This is our one “buttercream” display cake designed specifically to look like a rustically iced cake. As farm/barn/backyard weddings increase in popularity, so do the different styles of rustic buttercream cakes. For this cake, which serves 100 people, we opted for the wild greenery instead of traditional, typical flowers such as roses and peonies. These clusters each contain handmade succulents, two kinds of eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus seeds (the little green balls), white babies breath, and dark blue “berries.” A striking take on a cake simply iced.

Country Floral


This display cake was actually a remake of one that we made this past summer. We thought it was so darling that we wanted to share it with everyone. Also at a size serving 100 people, this fondant-covered cake (the original was iced in buttercream) is big but so sweetly delicate. The center tier’s design was inspired by the trim of the couple’s china pattern. To continue the delicacy, instead of a traditional bead border, we created tiny green chandeliers—like a little bit of lace. To add a bit of depth and texture, the cake was finished with handmade gumpaste ranunculus, stephanotis, green berries and leaves. As the original wedding was at the Southern Exposure Herb Farm, this design is another that blends the farm style with touches of elegance.

3 Shades of Gray


Yep. We went there with the name. How could we not when it’s true? Gray is one of those colors that can be scary for some, but the right tone is gorgeous. And while the design will work in any color, we wanted to show something more unique for our consultation room. As you can see, every tier has a different pattern allowing for nearly full coverage and “gray space.” After all, we wanted intricacy, not visual chaos. All of the piping was done with some of the smaller pastry tips (1 and 2 tips which means tiny holes at the end) to show the most detail. We then added some dragées coated in silver disco dust for a pop of shimmer. The final element was our first wafer paper rose—delicate, airy, and lots of fun to make. At 250 servings, this cake had to make a statement.

Black Tie Disco


While black (and white) cakes are becoming all the rage, we made ours colorful and bright. Another cake that serves just over 100 people, this one really adds some dimension just because we played around with the heights of the tiers. What are typically 4-inch tall tiers in standard height, we built a cake of tiers that ranged from 3 inches to 6 inches. This adds a lot of visual appeal, right? We then accentuated those heights with the white chocolate paneled stripes. But let’s be honest, just black and white cakes can be pretty, for sure, but can also be a bit plain. So then came the fantastically cheerful gumpaste poppies, roses, and wild flowers. BAM! said the lady, now that’s a fun cake. And since we were adding pop and pizzazz, we added some bling (especially since gold is also a very popular color) with a gold disco dust covered cake board and a modern monogram topper. A lot of class and a lot of fun, just the way we like it.

Tiffany Love Birds


Last fall we painted a small 2-tiered cake in a style that was reminiscent of an old Tiffany Lamp. This cake became the inspiration for our new stained glass cake, only much bigger. The cake, which serves 150 people, took around 10 hours to complete. The details, the colors, and the watercolor styling are just absolutely stunning.

Sugar Magnolia


This cake is the granddaddy of them all coming in at 390 servings. Also taking around 10 hours for completion, this cake was designed to be graphically patterned and modern, but with monotone elegance. All white on white means that no pattern is too heavy or too bold. Including the thousands of pearls, both fondant and sugar dragées, that were each hand-placed onto the cake. Add the drama of graphically styled all white magnolias and leaves and you’ve really got something special. But we weren’t done. For a bit of fairy tale whimsy, a message, lovingly painted in the middle, was added: “They Lived Happily Ever After.” Sentimental and sweet, and quite a showpiece.