Display Room, part 1-little and proud

Not everyone needs or even wants a large wedding cake. That’s why we came up with these small and lovely cakes, which all serve fewer than one hundred guests, for our cake consultation room. We want to show that beauty comes in all sizes.

First Kiss


This sweetheart cake is just as delicate as can be. At 42 servings, it’s the smallest of the 3-tiered cakes and perfect for an intimate-sized wedding. The soft pink base is highlighted with baby pink ruffles and white lacy flowers. For a romantic twist, we created some modern ruffled flowers that also added a nice pop of color. Finally, the cake was airbrushed with a touch of pearl to add an extra layer of softness. Sweet and delicate-just like a first kiss.

Touch of Gold


This 75 serving cake was all about romance…well…and the flowers. Just a hint of spring green with an ombré effect, created a lovely base for the white gumpaste flower spray. Nearly one hundred tiny babies breath flowers surrounded the handmade open peonies and David Austin-Juliet roses. Drama with a delicate touch. Our touch of gold was created with a lightly embossed fondant ribbon painted with gold highlighter. So gorgeous.

The Love Tree


This little cake is the smallest of our display cakes at a size that serves 36 people. Don’t let its stature fool you though because this cake design packs a punch. The birch tree décor is easily becoming one of the most desired designs with brides—especially with the rise in barn/farm/backyard weddings. So we decided to run with it, but with our take on the style. Instead of the typical dark birch with succulents and other wild flowers, which is what you’ll commonly see, we opted for a more Michigan approach. We started with a lighter, whiter bark (made from white modeling chocolate); “distressed” it, carved it, and knobbed it up with various cake tools and then dusted those spots with brown petal dust (an edible powder used to color decorations—usually gumpaste flowers). This created the worn, aged realism of the tree. Next came the whimsical yet natural, handmade decorations of ferns, tiny wild flowers, little forest mushrooms and chocolate pinecones. These little accompaniments needed one more element to make it more realistic—dirt. Don’t worry though; our dirt is actually our very own Black Magic Brownies that are toasted and then ground up. Lastly, like many childhood loves, is the initials carved into the tree. A special touch for the lovebirds.

You are my Sunshine


We like to showcase at least one non-wedding cake in our room every season. This year we chose a modern and vibrant baby shower cake. And as we love to make 3D figurines of all shapes and styles, we really wanted to feature one. So we opted for a modern version of a baby to coincide with the style of the cake. And in the spirit of it being for a shower, we made it rain—with love and fondant raindrops. Adorable!


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