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There’s a resurgence happening in the cake world—toppers are back in popularity. Not as much the classic ceramic bride and groom toppers, although we still see them, but something more unique. Something more personal to the couple. And what’s fun for us is that we get to handcraft these little keepsakes. Here are some of our favorites from this past wedding season.

Mr. and Mrs. Robot

Photos by Millie and Me Photography
Photos by Millie and Me Photography

This wedding cake was the cool combination of modern (tall and skinny), romantic (white on white ruffles), and whimsical (funky flowers and hello—robots!). The bride and groom toppers were created because the groom loves robots. After doing a little cartoon robot image research, Ellen, one of our designers, came up with these adorable little guys. Every tiny block, bump, and gear were molded from gumpaste and connected with wires to create a genuine robot experience. The silver was painted on for the perfect steel appearance. Pretty cool huh?

Beach Time


This couple’s wedding, while not actually at the beach, was fully inspired by a beach. Their invitation was a beautiful, soft turquoise color that Stephanie thought would translate well into a horizontally iced, rustic cake (kind of like waves). The white chocolate palm trees are exact replicas of the ones on their invitation. But then came the “what to put on top?” thought. The answer ended up coming quickly as Stephanie remembered some gumpaste Adirondack chairs that we had previously made for a beach-themed cake and just knew that they would be perfect for this one. You can visualize relaxing next to your love on the beach—how romantic. Each “wooden” slate was cut individually from gumpaste and secured together with white chocolate. All resting on a bed of brown sugar “sand.” And like a perfect beachside cocktail, this cake was all coconut with lemon curd and rum buttercream. Yum!

We the People

Photos by Fotographz
Photos by Fotografz

While people still use the ceramic bride and groom toppers (there are so many styles now, and many variations are family heirlooms), there’s a movement towards having gumpaste toppers made that more closely resemble the actual bride and groom. Such is the case with these little people. Katie handcrafted these simple yet classy toppers based on photos provided to us by the bride. See that resemblance? Cute, sweet, and a lovely memento. The cake itself was also simple yet classy with a traditional design of quilting and scrollwork. Katie then “glammed” up the cake with some gorgeous handmade gumpaste flowers—roses, sunflowers, and calla lilies—in deep, rich, fall-toned colors. An absolutely lovely collection.

The Written Word

Left: Naturally Photography by Monni; Center: Reflectivity
Left: Naturally Photography by Monni; Center: Reflectivity

Another topper set that is growing in popularity is the stylized lettering.  You can see them all over Pinterest.  Sometimes it’s a monogram; sometimes it’s a saying.  We don’t usually make these, but it’s still nice to share because they look great.