To groom’s cake or to not groom’s cake

That is often the question, and one that none of us designers can truly answer. Simply put, that’s totally your, and your groom’s preference. Although admittedly, it seems that the majority of these cakes are done as a surprise for the groom. Here’s your little side history lesson: groom’s cakes have a long history and were once considered the top tier of the wedding cake that was saved (and soaked in brandy to preserve it) for the first anniversary. Often considered a southern tradition, the groom’s cake used to be chocolate, as the wedding cake was usually white or yellow cake. But most of those ideas have changed now. They have grown and changed so much over the years that now, more often than not, they’re fun novelty cakes. The designs generally range from hobbies, colleges, to professions—all in unique, creative ways. Let’s take a look at what some brides came up with and see if anything sparks your fancy!


The Professional


This summer, outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, Nick Perry, got married. His fiancée chose to go the classic route and picked his jersey for his groom’s cake. While most people aren’t professional football players, the same concept can be used for example, a doctor with a white lab coat, or a lawyer with a monogramed briefcase. The cakes are edible and fun representations of what we do and who we are. (And if you’re not a NFL player, but you like sports, you could always have a jersey of one of your favorite players!)


The Hobbyist

Photo by Fotografz Wedding Photography
Photo by Fotografz Wedding Photography

Like to travel? This groom does. In honor of his passion, the bride requested a suitcase cake. What she and Katie ultimate designed together was a classic, old-fashioned suitcase that had a worn and weathered leather look (made of modeling chocolate) resting on an old-timey map. All fitted with gold buckles and clasps. The patches were made using edible rice paper to distinguish some of his favorite places such as Paris, New Zealand, and Peru. Cool, realistic, and tasty. Just what the bride was looking for.


Photo by Jess & Nate Studios
Photo by Jess & Nate Studios

This outdoorsy groom’s hobby is fishing. Our bride requested not only a fishing-inspired cake, but also one that featured a sugar version of her hubby-to-be and their two dogs. Armed with a few images of the trio (take a look for yourself), Ellen went to work making this little chocolate family. Along with some fun pine trees and chocolate rocks, this cake featured his favorite watering hole, Burt Lake. Such a fun cake—and I bet that those dogs are probably fantastic fishing companions.

Left photo by Jess & Nate Studios.  Right photo provided by bride.
Left photo by Jess & Nate Studios. Right photo provided by bride.


The Sports Fan


It’s hard to not be a Red Wings fan if you like sports and live in the Detroit area. The team has been a powerhouse in the NHL for a good twenty years. That made it pretty fun to honor them and our groom, and avid fan, with a giant Wings hockey puck. This cake was rich chocolate cake covered in chocolate fondant dyed black. This gave us the perfect base to create all of the detailing of a real hockey puck including the NHL logo. Go Wings!


The Alumnus


For the most part, we’re all pretty proud of where we spent our formative years. A large chunk of us spent that time in college. And if you happen to meet someone, fall in love, and get married, and you’re from rivaling schools; well, that just makes it more interesting (and entertaining). That was the case for this couple. The groom went to the University of Florida, properly called “the Gators.” So the bride asked for their groom’s cake to be the Florida Gator logo. But, for a bit of humor, she added her alumnus logo, and Ohio State Buckeye, into the design. Notice that the gator’s chompin’ on it. So playful (and yet fierce-looking).

If I could go back to my wedding, I would make my husband a Super Mario Brothers cake. What would you do if you’re getting married or already did get married?