We live in a superhero era. Thanks in most part to Hollywood, the heroes of our childhood have returned with a vengeance. Although Spiderman is not one of Marvel’s dominating Avengers, he’s been the star of five movies since 2002. It’s not surprising then, that kids, especially little boys, love this high-flying hero. So of course we thought it would be great fun to make a Spiderman birthday cake for one of our regular kids.


This stunner of a cake is pure comic book Spiderman. A classically simple yet bold skyline sits above the striking masked face on the bottom tier. And just as Spiderman watches over the city of New York, awaiting his next battle or rescue, our handmade Spiderman guards this cake atop the roof of a city building.


Steven comes from a family who collects and saves all of the toppers and figurines that we’ve made for him and his siblings over the years –a set up I’d love to see! Last year we made Steven all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for his cake (curious? check out that cake). We’re proud to add this hero to the collection that also includes fairies, Dora the Explorer, owls, Strawberry Shortcake figurines, and many more. Each part and limb of this muscled up hero were hand-molded and painted to look just like the real thing. At least, as real as a fictional superhero can be! We made the building topper out of Styrofoam so the parents could keep that as well while continuing to support Spiderman. That means they also got to keep the cool webbed 4 and the creepy-crawly spiders that traveled all over this cake.


We made the skyline buildings from black modeling chocolate. The gumpaste spiders, both large and small, were handmade using straws to create the raised legs. Little buggers were creepy but pretty cool. We then piped each web line to replicate Spiderman’s mask. But that’s not all—oh no, this cake actually had a back design which doesn’t happen on all cakes.


You can’t make a Spiderman cake, with spiders, and not use this scary arachnid. While the type of spider that bit Peter Parker in the comic book doesn’t actually exist, this outline pretty much became known as the symbol for Spiderman. But let’s be honest, it a little too realistically creepy for a four year old’s birthday party so it’s safe there on the back. All in all, very cool, bold, and fun. We can’t wait to see what happens when Steven turns five!