Sea loving adventures

For a couple of years now we’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of creating birthday cakes for two fun-loving kids. This year, the brother/sister duo had a maritime themed party. But as it often goes with boys and girls, Simon and Beatriz each wanted something different. That worked for us because it meant we got to make two cool cakes instead of just one.




Isn’t this cake perfect for a girly, sea-loving cake?  It’s modern and elegant with its tall, narrow approach and gray/blue tones.  But it also shines with pearly bubbles,  and sparkly fish and flowers.  And let’s not forget about the mermaids!  These cute little ladies were built from gumpaste and finished with modeling chocolate tails and fins.


It’s all in the details we think.  Modern coral, seaweed, and fish fit flawlessly with the style of the cake.  Lastly, the scrolled birthday banner—a classic maritime touch.





Arrr mate! Simon, the little boy of our landlubber brother-sister duo wanted himself a pirate-themed cake for their party. Fitting, right? Pirates and mermaids. Ombré blue waves traveled their way up this 8” tall cake in super mod fashion. And of course, like his sister’s cake, Simon’s inscription was painted onto a scrolled banner with an anchor emblem.


As cool as Simon’s cake is, the eye-popping part is obviously not the waves, but the pirate ship topper.  This hollow ship was created entirely from modeling chocolate.  Take a look at the details: “wooden” planks, railings, and masts; golden portholes, and white modeling chocolate sails blowing in the wind.


But avast—it’s a giant sea monster!  These orange-colored, white chocolate molded tentacles are sure to take down that ship.  Pretty cool huh?  Perfect for any sea-loving adventurists, especially kids.

Happy birthday Simon and Beatriz!  We can’t wait to see what you all come up with next year.

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