glitter with a side of cake


If you’re a female reader, do you remember being a little girl and wanting everything to sparkle? Glitter with this, glitter with that? I remember. But I don’t think that even I wanted something as sparkly as little Miss Luna. Her mother, and I quote, said, “We want glitter with a side of cake,” and then laughed. And we laughed. And then we made a glitter cake.

We’ve made Luna’s birthday cake every year so it’s always fun to discover the theme. Always cute, always girly. This year the theme, besides glitter, was mermaids. So we took a gander under the sea for this sweet little cake. The top tier had a delicately painted quilted pattern with a glitter-outlined birthday plaque front and center. All surrounded by shiny sea horses and glittery white pearls. The invitation and dishes inspired the scalloped, ombré design on the bottom tier. Ellen then made more glittery white pearls, glittery purple coral, and glittery pink shells and starfish. Everything was then airbrushed with pearl so it all shined. And let’s not forget to mention the sand: brown sugar—with glitter in it!


Lastly came the mermaid topper sitting alongside, what else but a sparkly 6. This family has a collection of toppers and various figurines that we’ve made for Luna and her siblings so we knew that this mermaid was for keeps. And what better way to have a keepsake than to have her sitting in a gumpaste shell? So easy to save. With her shiny blue tail and shiny purple shell top, this mermaid princess was fit for the crown…a glittery crown of course!