Big Top


Turning 75 is a reason to celebrate. It’s one of life’s milestones. You’re ¾ of a century and that’s an accomplishment and reason to be proud—truly! You’ve probably done a lot with your life and hopefully you have a large family and a dear group of friends that want to celebrate with you. All of this was true for our birthday man, James Elliott.

The birthday man, Jim Elliott.  Photo provided by family.
The birthday man, Jim Elliott. Photo provided by family.

You see, Jim is a carnival man.  He has been part of the carnival for most of his life and the family business, Elliott’s Amusements, continues to be part of the carnival tradition today.  When his daughter ordered a cake through us, she had a few specific requirements: classic carnival using turquoise, gold and red; an elephant; and candy apples.  The design was up to us.  And Katie, one of our designers, took on the project with gusto.  What came to fruition was a classy, bold, and stunning carnival-themed, three tiered cake.


The bottom tier of the cake was designed after the classic “big top” tent of a carnival tent.  Panels of white and red white chocolate stripes cover the entirety of the cake.  But a tent wouldn’t be complete without its ropes holding it down (which really was string pinned down) and of course its front entrance.  All finished off with some chocolate candy apples.


To help this cake achieve the WOW factor, Katie created an extra large, hourglass-shaped middle tier.  This gave ample room to create a truly classic carnival feel of gold on gold stars and stripes, cinched with a turquoise belt.  That left the focal point to our golden plaque and 75, hand cut and painted in traditional carnival font.


The finishing touch of this cake was our balancing elephant. Katie not only designed this cake, but she also executed its completion to a T. The elephant was molded with gray-toned white chocolate. This gave it the desired realism. The elephant then balanced on a ball (made of rice krispies), just like they would balance in the circus—or at least that’s what we believe!

In the end, this cake stood over two feet tall and served around 60 people. Perfectly sized for an awesome 75th birthday party filled with family, carni friends, love and laughter. Happy Birthday James!


Thank you Hannah Metler for the beautiful photographs.


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