From sketch to cake #7—Stunningly Sequined


Well we’ve finally reached the last cake in our sketch to cake series and it’s a knockout. Standing just over 3 feet tall, this 9-tiered cake is nothing short of a stunning showpiece. We talk often about proudly and boldly adding color to wedding cakes; but for the most part, all white cakes are the predominate desire of brides and grooms. And that’s perfectly fine. You can create some absolutely, and sometimes unexpected, amazing works of all white art. And we feel that’s what Katie designed.


Just like our previous cake, Pretty In Pink, much of the final outcome was similar to the original concept. What were the changes you ask? If you look closely, the quantity of flowers is different; they were originally going to have brooch centers; and there’s a double layer of chandelier piping. That’s it. So let’s take a closer look.


The quantity of flowers in a spray is never truly decided until it’s done. You just don’t know entirely how it’s all going to fit together. But long before the sprays were finished, Katie decided not to use brooch centers. She thought they would bring too much silver on what was supposed to be a white cake. The concept, and therefore the name, was about highlighting the sequins. Brooches would have taken away their spotlight.

So the sequins…hundreds of tiny white gumpaste circles were cut out, dried, and airbrushed pearl to create those shining tiers.   Well worth the work we think. In order to make them stand out even more, Katie designed the cake to have those two tiers be two inches tall as opposed to the standard four. While it seems counterintuitive, making them smaller makes it hard not to miss, right?


Let’s not forget the delicate pleating in the center. These fondant “fabric” layers gently fold upon each other like they would in a wedding dress, ruched to the side. More pleating occurs on the top tier but at a straight vertical to give the cake an even greater extension. Then there’s the beautifully detailed monogram, also done in pearl to match the sequins. Katie used what’s called an extruder to add the exterior embellishment around the initials.


We haven’t even gotten to the bottom tiers yet! In Katie’s original sketch, the chandelier piping only had one layer. But why not add another? Another layer of piping added another layer of artistry and detail. And last but not least is the bottom tier. Each petal was a circular fondant cutout that was carefully ruffled and gently secured to the cake. Once completed, these too were airbrushed to shine like the sequins.

In the end, this cake is dramatic yet soft; bold yet monotone; complex yet simple; but no matter what, it’s stunning. Stunningly sequined.


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And a huge thank you to Hannah Metler for always taking beautiful photos of our cakes!