From Sketch to Cake #6—Pretty in Pink


Could there be a more appropriate name for this cake? This flower-filled, 5-tiered cake is next in our sketch to cake series and it serves 275 people.   This cake was about highlighting the artistry of our handmade sugar flowers. Follow us from design to creation as we show you some of how this cake was made.


Not much from Stephanie’s original design changed in the making. The concept was a nice tall cake covered in a very soft pink fondant. The cake drum (the board) and the bottom half of the bottom tier was painted in a watercolor fashion for a soft melding of pink tones. Hours were then spent creating just what Stephanie imagined: both bright and soft pink ranunculi, white open peonies, pink closed peonies, white roses, and pink buds.


To start the flowers, we have to make centers. These create the basic internal structure. The green centers in the foreground are for ranunculi, the pink cones are for roses, the Styrofoam balls are for closed peonies, and in the background are pink buds. To the right are what we call small “filler” flowers, designed to do exactly that, fill space.


Next came the roses.  And conceptually, the peonies and ranunculi.  Each petal was cut, thinned, ruffled, and secured until they gradually turned into whole gumpaste flowers.  In this photo you can see a white rose, a closed pink peony, two bright pink ranunculi, a white open peony with a green center, filler flowers, and pink buds.


Around 8 hours later, the cake was finally finished.  The result—a soft, muted cake with beautiful, striking clusters of gumpaste flowers.  In addition to the original design, Stephanie added some pink roses and bold green leaves.   What a garden!


Come in sometime and check out this cake out in person, we’re here everyday!  And thank you Hannah Metler for the beautiful photos.