Congratulations Graduates!

Phew! After four years of college you’ve finally graduated…and after one very busy weekend we got to help you celebrate. In Ann Arbor, and I suspect many places around the country, graduation is more like a holiday. Dinners, parties, you name it—and we might have made your dessert. Between Wednesday and Saturday of last week we decorated well over 70 graduation cakes and more than 300 graduation cookies. We also made a few custom graduation cakes as well as a couple wedding and birthday cakes. So what does that actually amount to? Here’s a hint…on Friday alone we used more than 130 pounds of our vanilla swiss buttercream to make our cakes! Another fun fact? Last week we baked more than 400 pounds of our buttermilk chocolate cake—the most popular flavor—just to get us through “the holiday.” We probably peeled about 100 pounds of carrots, or more. In total, between all of our cake flavors and buttercreams, we used at least 1000 pounds of butter. Let’s say that again—1000 pounds of butter!!! Now that’s a cake made from scratch.

These photos, all taken on Friday, will give you an idea of what it’s like to work in our Cake Studio during graduation. The highlights include 4 chocolate half sheets (that’s 36 pounds right there!), 12 chocolate 6” grad cakes, 5 buttermilk 9” grad cakes, 1 carrot and 1 buttermilk full sheet.


Five racks and eight hours later, we were almost done—until the custom cakes started of course.




And we’re finished!  It took all 5 members of the Cake Crew and 11 hours but we got everything done.  And it was worth it.  It’s worth the long days when you get to make an awesome looking and tasting cake to help people celebrate such accomplishments.  It brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to get through this weekend…much like graduation itself.  Congratulations to graduates all across the country—you made it!

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