My Favorite Things


If you had asked me six months ago what the phrase “my favorite things” means to me, I would have unequivocally said “The Sound of Music.”  But today, my answer would be different and all because of a little boy and his cake.  In November we made a first birthday cake for Atharv, and the design concept was that of his favorite things.  When dreaming up the cake with one of our designers, Katie, Atharv’s mom wanted something that would make her son get really excited—and nothing makes anyone more excited then to see a whole setup of their favorites, whether you’re 1 or 79!


So what are his favorites you ask?  Well we got to keep the toys as inspirational models and they included a U of M rubber football, a drumstick, a yellow Yo-Yo, a little crinkle ball, and a pull string cow.  His other two favorites are socks—how cute!—and green grapes.  The plan was to replicate all of these items in fondant so Atharv could have edible versions of everything he loved.  Having the toys in person, as opposed to looking at photos really gave us a true example of actual size, shape and colors.  Katie then designed the rest of the cake to be bright, colorful, and fun on one tier, with the other tier dedicated to cow print..  All of this was finished off with a “chalkboard” plaque for the inscription.


When Atharv’s dad came to pick up the cake we also returned all of Atharv’s toys.  His mom then sent us some photos from the party setup and we all went gaga over all his favorites being there twice—the real ones and the sugar ones!  So here’s to Atharv’s favorite things along with everyone else’s…including those “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”  Hopefully this design concept will catch on and we’ll get to make so many more of these cakes!