A New Bakehouse Tradition- Beigli

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beigli slicesAn long standing tradition in Hungary and a staple in every house at Christmas, beigli (bay-glee) is a yeasted dough rolled up with a filling of walnut or poppy seed. We're starting a new tradition in Ann Arbor at the Bakehouse with our Hungarian walnut beigli. The outside has a pretty shine and a unique crackly appearance and inside is the trademark swirl. Wait till you taste the flavors of the buttery dough and rich walnut filling. When you do, you'll know why our test batches flew off the shelves last year. We're looking forward to sharing beigli with more folks this year. They're available everyday in December at Zingerman's Bakehouse or Zingerman's Delicatessen. Just like our stollen and other special holiday sweet breads, beigli is enjoyed any time of the day and makes a great gift too. Stop in and ask for a taste or call to reserve yours and start a new tradition in your house this Christmas.

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