a southern pie with local flavor

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chocolatechesspieChess pie is a Southern tradition. And why do they call it “chess” pie? It’s not an ingredient and has nothing to do with the board game. There are various versions of the story behind the name. Some say the tale goes like this. When asked what kind of pie was served, the cook said, “It’s just pie” and pronounced the “just” with a sweet enough accent that it sounded like “chess.” Others say "chess" was really "chest", referring to where the pie was stored.

Regardless of the name and it's origin, this is one seriously good pie. Our chocolate chess pie is a rich creamy baked chocolate custard in our hand-made always all-butter crust. For us, the filling for this pie is all about the chocolate. And it all starts with a very special 100% cacao single-origin Ecuadorian chocolate from family owned Mindo Chocolate Makers in Dexter, MI. Stop in and ask for a taste. You really can taste the difference!