2 by 2… Breads not to be missed!

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This month we're offering two "special bakes" of two special Hungarian breads for just two days each. Give us a call to reserve your loaf, or two!

ka?lacsSomodi Kálacs  -Cinnamon Swirl Bread

(sho-mo-dee-ko-loch) This traditional Hungarian Easter bread was a smash hit when we first introduced it at the Bakehouse this past Spring for the holiday. It's a soft golden loaf, made with fresh eggs and a sweet buttery cinnamon brown sugar swirl. The smell is amazing and the taste is even better. Enjoying it warm is the way to go. We learned the steps to lovingly creating this loaf in a Transylvanian village last year. (Check out the video of that lesson on our facebook page) We're baking Somodi Kálacs at the Bakehouse late morning on October 18th & 19th.

barchesBarches  -Paprika Egg Bread

(bar-kess) A traditional Hungarian braided bread very similar to challah, but made with milk. Our version is mixed with Hungarian sweet paprika giving it a warm orange color and a faint spice note that builds on your tongue as you eat it. It's really enjoyable all by itself or try it along side a hearty soup or stew. It could add a great layer of flavor to your sandwich creations as well.  We're baking barches at the Bakehouse late morning on October 25th & 26th.

We have gained so much love for Hungarian food and so many great recipes from our travels there that we're headed back again, this time with a group of Zingerman's Food Tours guests. Be sure to like us on facebook to get updates on what we're seeing and eating in Hungary October 15th-25th!