we like ’em big!

Size doesn’t matter, even when it comes to cakes.  But let’s be honest—bigger is still better!  Having stature and being a showpiece at weddings is often the goal of having a large cake (beyond the number of servings needed).  Even cakes with the simplest designs, just by being large, can hold their own in a room.  They’re stunning and eye-catching, and have a very regal feel to them.   Indulge a little…your guests will love eating such a beautiful looking cake!  And admittedly, for us, there’s something very satisfying about setting up a cake, which once it’s on the table, is bigger than you are.

You’ve seen a couple that we’ve done already (leaders and best, glitz it up, and cars, planes and cakes) this past year but we’ve had a few more that we wanted to share with you.


This 7-tiered cake served over 300 guests and stood 3 feet tall.  In fact, the bottom tier alone, chocolate of course, weighed over 35 pounds.  Now that’s a lot of cake!  While the design was extremely simple and classic, there was no missing this centerpiece at the reception.  The bottom tier was completely covered in a champagne colored fondant and then brushed with a champagne pearl luster while the other tiers were only embellished with that same champagne colored ribbon and a tiny bead border.  Sometimes the “simplest” cakes are the most challenging because you can’t mess up or people will see it!

Photo by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett
Photo by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett

Held in the Royal Park Hotel’s Grand Ballroom, this large buttercream-iced cake served all 250 guests at the wedding.  The inspiration behind the design was based on the colors of the wedding—lilac, peach, and fuchsia; and in traditional Indian style, the piping leaned more towards the paisley/mendi variation.  The bride provided the elaborate jeweled ribbon at the base of the tiers, while we created our own sugar jewels in matching tones.


Ahhh….traditional meets modern bling.  This cake, compared to the rest would be considered “small” as it only served 130 people but it’s the pillars and silver cake stand that set this one apart.  Filled with beautiful white hydrangeas and pink roses, provided by Emerald City Designs, this cake and stand stood around 4.5 feet tall.  Include the cake table itself and that meant my having to stand on a stool to put the flowers on top!


For this traditional Catholic wedding, this 7-tiered cake was finished off with an extra-tall ceramic cross.  Its design also strayed towards the classic with alternating tiers of paisley piping and plain, clean tiers with an “M” monogram stenciled in the center tier.  We handmade about 14 gumpaste roses in various sizes and then painted the tips gold with gold brushed leaves.  The cake was airbrushed a swirly gold and when we set it up on site it matched perfectly with the creams, whites, and gold decorations encompassing the Inn at St. John’s Grand Ballroom.