All about the tutu


It’s like a rite of passage for many young girls—that desire and dream of becoming a ballerina. The concept of playing “dress-up” with pink, sparkly things combined with a whirly-twirly tutu is just the best.  It is with this thought in mind that Luna’s 5th birthday cake was created.

Luna came in with her mom to design her birthday cake and we were informed right away that this year the theme was ballerina.  We had a few points that were very important and they pretty much went like this:

  1. Had to be pink
  2. Had to be sparkly
  3. Had to have a ballerina wearing a red tutu

And we were happy to oblige!  Katie created a design encompassing these points and added a few of her own.  We thought we’d give you a “behind the scenes” look at how this pretty birthday cake was made and how the design unfolded before our eyes.

To start, the top tier of the cake (a.k.a. The Tutu) was created using rounds of gumpaste folded and twirled, then rolled in edible glitter.  Katie designed this tier to be an ombre of pinks, so all in all this tutu had 5 shades going from lightest to darkest.



While this was going on, Katie built Luna’s little ballerina.  Luna asked for a ballerina with brown hair (like herself) in a white leotard wearing a red tutu.  Katie also added in her design that this ballerina should be holding a number 5 signifying Luna’s age.  Here is the ballerina as she progresses, starting with her main body structure to clothes, and finally, almost finished.


While the flavor and taste of our cake is always just as important as the look, this cake had to be something special.  While they picked a classic flavor of buttermilk cake with raspberry buttercream, we certainly couldn’t just leave it at that.  I mean sure, it’s pink already so it fits the bill but that wasn’t going to be enough for this cake—it had to be ombre as well!  The top layer of buttercream is our natural raspberry buttercream and then each layer below had a little more pink added to it so it matched the outside of cake.  Because, as you recall, pink was very important.


Katie also wanted this cake to have a little more pizazz than your typical birthday inscription so she designed it to have a plaque with the greeting written in ballet slipper ribbon.  A time-consuming project we learned but well worth it in the end!  And of course, what ballet cake would be complete without ballet slippers?  And if the writing is in ribbon, well, it must meet up with the slippers of course.


Then, when all completed, the cake was brushed with a pink luster dust to make the whole thing shine, as the glitter was just not going to be enough for our little birthday ballerina.  We also made sure that the number 5 the little ballerina was holding was decked out in pink glitter because she couldn’t be missing out on that!  We added a few tiny red flowers to pull down the color from the tutu and ta-da—we had a ballerina cake!  I’m happy to announce that upon delivery, Luna jumped up and down and said it was “perfect!” so—mission accomplished.  Happy birthday Luna—we can’t wait to see what’s in store for your birthday next year!


All finished!
All finished!

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