The Romance is Back


Whoever said romance was dead obviously didn’t pay attention to cake trends!  It’s become very common when we ask couples what their design scheme/style for their wedding is to hear things like “soft, romantic, vintage,” or “our colors are white, pink, and gold,” and another, “we want to have something lacy.”  These adjectives pretty much encompass romantic cakes at its purest form.  Of course there can be other additions such as soft textures, pale colors of any shade, and flowers.  In our experience so far, we’ve found peonies to be the most popular of flowers.  Here are a few examples of some romantic cakes that we’ve made this summer.


One way to show a lacy look is through the use of lace molds.  These come in all sorts of shapes and patterns from fairly simple to super intricate.  We picked out these particular molds with the bride so she could have her choice on the intricacy of the details. Katie then made some small baby pink peonies and little stephanotis flowers to complete the romantic look.



This cake shows another variation of romance in shades of cream and pink.  These ivory sugar flowers were piped on and then brushed to give them an embroidered effect.  Underneath the flowers was more brush embroidery for a full-on soft lacy look.  The blush-pink pleated ribbon and bow with a brooch center created a vintage feeling to the cake.



This cake, in a way, had it all.  Soft colors, including the gold, peonies, texture, and scallops—the works!  To make the texture, we rolled a flat mat over our sheeted fondant and then covered the cake.  This created a fan effect that we weren’t expecting but loved!  The next step was to use a scallop cutter to make the sweet borders.  Like the other cakes, tone-on-tone was important to keep the soft, romantic vibe of the cakes so this border remained white.  The flowers had been worked on all throughout the week and finally they became large open and closed peonies with gold berry accents.


We have many more romantic cakes to come—I guess we’ll see what next year brings!

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