Showered with love


Marriage is often considered a rite of passage, and although not for everyone; usually, those that do, get thrown a shower.  Traditionally, bridal showers were the thing to do but more and more we’re seeing couple’s showers.  Here are some examples of cakes that we’ve made—for both types of showers.

The above photo is our most recent bridal shower cake.  A luau-themed shower the family was overwhelmed with joy to be throwing for their newest “sister”—hence the sweet inscription “Welcome to the family Lindsay.”  This cake was airbrushed red to yellow then decorated with hand cut Hawaiian flowers and leaves.  To finish it off, we set it atop a “bamboo” cake drum.  We kept it tropical on the inside by having the cake be coconut with lime and rum fillings.


This bridal shower cake was for a soldier getting married.  Her friend throwing the shower wanted a fun way to incorporate the idea that her friend was in the Army so we opted for a simple design showcasing the bride figurine wearing her combat boots.  As favors, the friend decided on our flower-shaped butter cookies decorated in the color scheme of the shower/wedding with custom thank you labels.


A sweet and traditionally styled cake, this one was for a couple’s shower.  The pale pink and peach cake was covered in fondant and then embossed for a quilted looked.  We then made small bouquets of fabric roses to complete the sweetheart look.


This cake was designed purely from the invitation where all of the details for the shower were centered in the black flower.   We exchanged those for a best wishes greeting and then painted the rest of the cake to match the outside of the invite.  Clean, modern, and unique.


Another couple’s party, this cake was again all about the figurines.  The mother of the groom ordered the cake and she was looking for a unique way to show the couples’ passions: each other (of course), their dog, and their avid love of skiing.  Just like with our Army bride, we designed a simple cake, this one with hills of sugar snow, so the focus and attention would be on the figurines.  She sent us pictures of the couple and their dog and the rest was up to us!

So here’s to our brides and loving couples.  May you be showered with love and happiness from now until forevermore.