Red, White & Blue

As we celebrate the 4th of July this year we thought we’d share some festive cakes that we just made.


This is a wedding cake that although was not intentionally red, white, and blue for the holiday was indeed those spirited colors.  This 2-tiered buttercream cake was decorated with white chocolate “doilies” and handmade sugar peonies.  First, we made white modeling chocolate, which is a combination of melted white chocolate and corn syrup.  After it hardened, we kneaded a little bit of blue into it, and then rolled it almost paper-thin.  Then, using a variety of small cutters, we created a light, lace effect.

For the peonies, our bride picked out a red swatch fittingly called “firework.”  Over a few days, petal after petal was added to its center bud until finally a large bright red peony was created.  For effect, the edges of the petals were dusted with a super gold luster dust and then we steamed them for the shimmer and shine.  And voila—a red, white, and blue cake fit for the 4th!


A customer called us looking for a 5th anniversary cake to take with him on his family’s 4th of July vacation.   His goal was to include an American flag or another patriotic symbol, polka dots, and a lake beach.  What was created was a “water-colored” painted cake with painted reeds and cottontails.  Next up the white picket fences and “sand” which was really graham cracker crumbs and demerara sugar with a little bit of crystal sugar.  We then made some “rocks” which our Michigan Lakes are known for!  For the patriotic part we made American flags and some shiny stars on wires representing sparklers.  As for the polka dots…well, we went for the ribbon on that one!  It all came together in a very celebratory and patriotic way.

Happy 4th of July to one and all—have a fun and safe holiday!