Formula for a super cute cake

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Sometimes a birthday cake comes along that is just too fun and sweet not to share with everyone.  We got a phone call in February asking us to make a 2nd birthday cake for a little girl named Nila (her 1st birthday cake is actually shown in Year of the Firsts).  Her parents wanted to keep the same hourglass shape as her 1st birthday cake but totally change up the design except for 3 important elements: her name, her age, and the color pink!  They had seen a cake on our website and wanted to incorporate the theme of that cake and the elements that they wanted included.


Along with the main three pieces that they wanted was to have an elephant on top of the cake (again…elephants are popular for infants and toddlers!).  So Ellen, who decorated this cake, made her girly and purple while wearing a little yellow flower.  While designing, we decided that we could seamlessly incorporate the number 2 if the elephant was holding it, rather than it sticking out on a wire or being larger and covering up other decorations.


The last important addition was a giraffe—pink of course!  This giraffe came out cuter than any of us anticipated.  She honestly looks like a tiny stuffed animal with her stitched up potbelly, heart-bottomed feet, and “oh my goodness” expression.  And let’s not forget her shimmering blush.  Way to go Ellen!  We’ve made tons of figurines over the years but I think this one went towards the top of the list of favorites.


As previously stated, Nila’s name is obviously a key component to the cake.  But like the number 2, we wanted it incorporated into the design as opposed to just “sticking out.”  The final version came out just the way the design was intended with a white flowered base to fit in with the other flowers, and then Ellen used “tap-it” cutters to make a loopy version of Nila’s name.  And voila—the cake is finished!


The cake itself is buttermilk with lemon buttercream on one tier, chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream on another and is covered in a mix of vanilla and chocolate fondant to get that light brown look.  We did the math and all elements covered + extra cute decorations + delicious flavors = Super cute and tasty birthday cake.  Happy birthday Nila and we hope to see you next year!